We offer an inclusive orientation program to assist your child to settle into the new environment following completion of your child’s enrolment. This process helps to develop the relationships with the educators in your child’s room before starting at the centre.

We encourage a minimum of two, two-hour orientation sessions at the service prior to your child’s commencement. Orientation sessions are booked in a couple of weeks prior to your child’s commencement, with the sessions scheduled in the week prior to your child’s commencement date. Transitioning into a new childcare environment can be a very exciting time, but also a little bit of a challenge for children and parents alike. How quickly your child settles in their new environment can depend on many factors, like whether your child has been in care before, your child’s age and the type of interaction with other children and adults that your child has experienced prior to his or her enrolment at Wantirna South ELC. While it can sometimes feel like a highly emotional and stressful time in some instances, we want to reassure you that it does take some time, and perseverance really does pay off towards a very fun and rewarding experience each and every day. Here are some tips for a great morning drop off: 

  • Foster excitement in conversation with your child about coming to Wantirna South ELC.
  • Ensure you have packed your child’s labelled drink bottle, spare clothes, hat and comforter. These familiar items help make your child feel secure throughout the day.
  • Create a drop off ritual. For example, read one story with your child in their room prior to leaving.
  • Talk to an educator about your child’s needs. For example, they are particularly tired or out of sorts.
  • Always say goodbye before you leave and let them you know that you will be back later.
  • Don’t linger too long if you can avoid it.
  • If your child is having a difficult time letting you leave, ask an educator for assistance – we will help your child to settle and make it easier for you to leave.

Useful information for families with children that are starting child care or kinder

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