Education and play

At Wantirna South Early Learning Centre, we offer children a secure and safe environment where curiosity is encouraged, concepts are explored and discovery is celebrated.

The children experience the power of learning together in large and small groups while still pursuing their own individual learning pathways. We work with families to support children’s learning, set goals, form routines and make a fun, happy learning environment. As each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program we value and encourage family input, communication and involvement.

Current research and pedagogy is used to guide, plan and lead an interesting, inclusive, meaningful, active and fun program that supports each child’s agency and emerging interest. We believe that the true magic of teaching and learning comes from spontaneous, genuine and thoughtful interactions, provisions and relationships with the children. Promoting a play-based, child-centric environment encourages children to create, explore, practice and interact with materials, equipment, peers and adults – this is how we believe each child will thrive.

Playground to Plate® Food Garden Program

Our Playground to Plate® Food Garden Program and curriculum is an interactive and fun way of helping children to understand where food comes from aiding them to develop a healthy relationship with food from an early age. This program underpins much of our philosophy and curriculum, from teaching children about how to grow their own food, educating children about reducing waste and sustainability practices, to preparing the food in meals we can eat and share together from what we’ve grown in our very own Playground to Plate® garden beds throughout our outdoor playspaces.