4 year old Kindergarten

Going to kindergarten is an important step for your child. It will help them learn skills that they will build on throughout their life.

Wantirna South Early Learning Centre offers our families a 4-year-old Kinder Program. Our qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). We prioritise emotional intelligence and relationships with children and families; providing children the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and caring, play based environment. We value and foster respect, empathy, creativity and a passion for learning in order to ensure children feel emotionally prepared to transition to primary school.

There is an emphasis on a play-orientated approach to learning, to suit the developmental level of individual children.

Across the year we will focus on the below overarching goals term by term, broken down from the five Learning and Development Outcomes in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. This provides a focus point to guide our year and ensure children feel prepared for school.

Term One

Establish safe and secure relationships. Core Values include respect, kindness, honesty.

Term Two

Strengthen community connections and family involvement. Core Values include perseverance, patience, courage.

Term Three

Focus on positive dispositions for learning (preparing children for school). Core values include curiosity, resilience, agency.

Term Four

School readiness program and reflection and celebration of learning. Core values include gratitude, inclusion, responsibility.

Within this structure children will be immersed in emergent, Inquiry-based projects designed around their current interests and developmental needs.

Classroom Program

An immersive numeracy and literacy program that combines intentional teaching during one-on-one small group interactions.

  • Playground to Plate® Food Garden Program
  • Interactive Cooking Classes
  • ELLA program (Early Learning Languages Australia)
    • The children will learn Mandarin via a digital, play based, interactive interface and will be provided opportunities to practice the language within their play spaces. Mandarin is currently the most commonly spoken language in the world and Australia’s school curriculum outlines Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia as a cross curriculum priority for children.
  • Regular outings into the Wantirna South community that will include
    • local library;
    • parks for picnics;
    • local community gardens;
    • small businesses; and
    • others arising from children’s emerging interests

To be eligible for 4-year-old Kinder, your child must turn 4 by 30 April in the year of Kindergarten attendance.