Summer Staycation 

Have your usual summer holiday plans changed? Wondering what to do over the break? Perhaps 2020 is the year of the Staycation?

Did you know: Most people who decide to staycation are happy they did. Think about it this way: When is everyone home without somewhere obligatory to rush off to? Almost never! Staycations let families enjoy time off without packing suitcases. They usually involve day trips to local places, attending events, or even just doing some fun and creative activities right at home. This summer, make an effort to try some new things together as a family. Pretend to be a tourist in your home state. Or even just unplug and enjoy one another’s company for a couple of days.

+ Have a beach day – Families fortunate enough to live near an ocean or lake can make the most out of it and have a few beach days! If not, there are also local pools. So, grab some snacks, water and make a day out of it.
+ Go on a Bike Ride – Take the whole family on a bike ride, either through the neighbourhood or a park or on a trail. Bike riding is not only good exercise, but it’s also a fun activity to do together.
+ Hold a Movie Night – Make some popcorn and pick out a good family movie. Movie nights are perfect for a relaxing night in the house and cuddling up on the couch is comfier than sitting in the theatre.
+ Put On a ‘Live Show’ The kids will absolutely adore this challenge. Have each family member work on a talent and host a family talent show. Parents can surprise kids with their secret abilities (anyone know that mom could peel a whole apple in one long curl?) and encourage the kids to try something new, like a magic trick!

+ Take a Hike – A fun way to get outdoors during a staycation is to go for a hike. Look up a trail close to home, put on some sneakers or hiking boots (and bug spray!), and explore the woods together!
+ Camp in the Backyard – Camping doesn’t have to be done far from home. In fact, it can be done at home! Pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars. The kids will love it.
+ Visit a Local Landmark – Sometimes cool landmarks and sights are right in our own city, but we don’t take the time to go see them. After all, we’re locals! A fun family activity can be exploring a nearby historical building, learning about a cool bridge, or checking out a nearby monument. There’s nothing wrong with being tourists in our own towns.
+ Have a Sports Tournament – If the family is into basketball, football, soccer, or pretty much any sport, then get outside and have a tournament! Boys vs. girls? Parents vs. kids?
+ Go Fruit Picking – If there is a local farm or orchard to go fruit picking nearby — berries in the summer, depending on the region — then get out there and collect some fresh fruit. It can also be fun to try new recipes (pies! cobblers!) as a family with the fruits that get collected.
+ Have a Home Spa Day – Looking for some relaxation at home during a staycation? Make it a spa day! Do some face masks complete with sliced cucumbers for the eyes, give each other mani-pedis, and just lounge around.
+Have a Scavenger Hunt – Make the kids a scavenger hunt that takes them searching for items around the house, yard, and/or neighbourhood! They’ll have a blast following clues and searching for things, and it’s bound to keep them busy for a while.
+ Attend a Local Festival – During the summer, many areas have different cultural festivals, food festivals, and state fairs that take place. Make it a family affair and go taste, play, and ride together! As long as it is outdoors, it should be a safe and good time for all.

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