Tips for a great drop-off each morning

Every parent with children in care is familiar with the fact that drop off can be a daunting and often distressing process for parents and children alike.

Check out our quick tips and hints to make this process a little easier for everyone!

  • Foster excitement about coming to Wantirna South ELC.
  • Ensure you have packed your child’s drink bottle, spare clothes, hat and comforter. These familiar items help make your child feel secure throughout the day.
  • Create a drop off ritual. For example, read one story with your child prior to leaving.
  • Talk to an educator about your child’s needs. For example, they are particularly tired, or Nanna is picking them up today.
  • Always say goodbye before you leave and let them you know that you will be back later.
  • Don’t linger too long if you can avoid it.
  • If your child is having a difficult time letting you leave, ask an educator for assistance – we will help your child to settle and make it easier for you to leave.